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So the other day I was at work.  I’m currently doing part-time retail for gas (I really need to sell my Taurus ><) and spending money.  An older gentleman was looking a telephone duplex jack adapter which was about seven dollars where I work.  When he found out, he flipped out and complained about the […]

I have been extremely busy the last week/month with work but I guess the paycheck should be good with the overtime.  This post is going to be about what I carry around in my pants: my old Sansa Express mp3 player, my new A737 cellphone, and my flashdrive. I like the setup for what I […]

I’m just another guy that watchs too much anime.  Fairly common in the college circles really.  While I’d say I love anime and manga, I do not co-splay (though it is tempting at times) and I do not consider myself a weeaboo.  I admire the Japan’s willingness to adopt aspects of other cultures and societies […]