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Series/Media format: Happy Lesson (1-13 sub), Happy Lesson Advance (1-13 sub), Happy Lesson Final  (1-3 sub) Last viewed: 3 years ago This was actually a pretty stupid anime…but I enjoyed most of it anyway.  For the most part, the anime was mildly amusing and didn’t totally tick me off. Plot and Storytelling: There is no plot.  Well, it […]

Media format: 24 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 0 seconds ago When I first started watching Gundam 00, I thought it was totally retarded.  The idea of uniting the entire world through armed military intervention is laughably naive.  Though considering how Gundam 00 is very modern with its issues, it might actually be a reference to […]

Media format: 1-13 (+1) Episodes of subs Last viewed: 4 months ago Blah, this was supposed to be a writing exercise for me.  I barely have any time for it now.  Plus I’m freaken out about my grammar now. Plot and Storytelling: When I started watching Elfen Lied, I thought it was just going to be boobs […]

Media format: 1-25 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 3 months ago Man, this anime had so many positive comments…personally I found it pretty disappointing as a whole though.  Be warned though, I will be revealing spoilers in my explanation of why I was disappointed. Plot and Storytelling: The story is awesome at the beginning.  Lelouch is student with […]

Media format: 1-26 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 3 years ago In many ways, Witch Hunter Robin is similar to Scryed.  Except, I liked Witch Hunter Robin a lot more and I considered it good as opposed to idiotic and disappointing. Plot and Storytelling: In the world of Witch Hunter Robin, witchcraft is genetic trait and witches […]

Media format: 3 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 6 months ago I wish I could write a full and detailed review of this anime, but it’s not all out yet.  Hellsing is basically another take on the story of Dracula.  Alucard, the vampire, is a servant for the Hellsing organization.  He is the one of the […]

Media format: 1-13 Episodes of dubs Last viewed: 3 years ago Gravitation is an “yaoi”, or was it considered “Boy Love”.  To be honest, I don’t know.  It’s not really one of my specialties.  The only reason I didn’t stop watching Gravitation when I realized it was about two guys was because I figure I watched Noir, […]