Completed View: Happy Lesson series (3)


Series/Media format: Happy Lesson (1-13 sub), Happy Lesson Advance (1-13 sub), Happy Lesson Final  (1-3 sub)

Last viewed: 3 years ago

This was actually a pretty stupid anime…but I enjoyed most of it anyway.  For the most part, the anime was mildly amusing and didn’t totally tick me off.

Plot and Storytelling:

There is no plot.  Well, it wasn’t a really interesting or important plot.  Mostly there just seems to be random problem and trips so the main characters can go do something wacky.  Oh and all the main characters are female except one dude.  Basically, this was a harem anime.  Basically, five (female) teachers ‘adopt’ a troubled and orphaned (male) student in an effort to help him grow properly.  Or something…I don’t really remember the details too well because the details do not matter at all.  For the most part, the anime balances the drama and comedy aspects of the story well, but neither parts are anything innnovative or amazing.

My biggest problem with the Happy Lessonseries is that Hitotose Chitose , the only male lead is nothing special.  It seems like every female character in the anime love him but for no reason except maybe to fulfill someone’s private fantasy.  The ending of the anime however was extremely frustrating and destroyed the anime for me.


Hitotose Chitose is loved by everyone in this anime.  I have no idea why but he is.  He’s pretty good at fighting but that’s probably the only thing about him that I feel is above average.  Several of the characters talk about how nice he is but I don’t really see him do anything beyond common courtesy.  Most of the time, he’s just irritable and an ass.  Anyway, onto the other characters.

The five teachers fit different male fantasies I suppose.  Ichimonji Mutsuki is the homeroom teacher and she fits the motherly stereotype.  Sanzenin Yayoi is the school nurse and a priest, but mostly she is idolized for being the school nurse.  Ninomai Kisaragi is the mad scientist and I guess she fits the silent partner role.  She’s very similar to Ayanami Rei from Evangelion.  Shitenno Uzuki is the school art teacher and I suspect she’s in the show for people that like lolitas.  Gokajo Satsuki is the PE teacher and I’m guessing fits the tomboy fantasy.  Oh and did I mention Hitotose Chitose has two adopted sisters?  One is a young middle schooler who wants to marry Hitotose Chitose and the older one is an pop idol.  Also, Chitose’s class president is in love with him and Kisaragi’s childhood friend and rival loves Chitose, too.  Why? <s>Who cares!  It makes for a funny story!</s> I guess.  Bleh.

Animation and Audio:

Nothing really special in this area.  The animation is decent though somewhat generic.  Nothing too amazing but not really a negative either.

Audio was pretty much the same.  Nothing bad but nothing special.


God this ending SUCKED.  The anime ends with all the teachers wanting to marry Chitose.  <s>Yay! Fantasy fulfilled!</s>  What the hell?!  I watch 26+ episodes just getting used to all these teachers wanting to be motherly and care for Chitose who I personally think is useless and nothing special…and now they all want to be married to him?!  Did I miss the episode where Chitose inherited a whole shitload of money?  After 26+ episodes of these five women tripping over each other and showing their motherly love, they now all want to be his wives?  That’s just fucked up.  Even if isn’t quite Oedipus complex, it’s still equally messed up in my mind.


The ending really pissed me off.  The fact that everyone was in love with Chitose for no reason what so ever was annoying.  But I can’t deny that I didn’t enjoy the anime.  It might be considered a guilty pleasure or something because overall the anime was incredibly stupid and pointless.  I was amused by it none the less so I can’t really say it was bad.  Happy Lesson just isn’t all that good either.


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