Incomplete View: Gundam 00 (Good)



Media format: 24 Episodes of subs

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When I first started watching Gundam 00, I thought it was totally retarded.  The idea of uniting the entire world through armed military intervention is laughably naive.  Though considering how Gundam 00 is very modern with its issues, it might actually be a reference to current events.  One of the major conflicts in the anime is the collapse of oil rich countries like those in the Middle East and the ensuing religious conflict caused by the hopeless and poor turning to radical religious figures.  Gundam 00 has many other political and economic predictions mixed into the story that are pretty interesting to think about.

The main reasons I like Gundam 00 is the understandable characters and the complex story.  The plot isn’t as simple as one would be originally led to believe.  The sides of the complex game of war is redrawn again and again making seemingly likable characters in one episode into the villian of the next.  The characters are also not blind followers or optimistic puppets.  They are often the source of the deep questions of purpose and possibility in the anime.

The action in Gundam 00 isn’t bad at all.  Unlike earlier Gundam series which just having a main character pilot a mobile suit made the mobile suit have godmode, the Gundams in 00 are not indestructible.  The pilot actually tries to dodge though the Gundams are definately more sturdy than the average mobile suit.  The combat reminds me more of 08th MS Team where the pilots work together as oppose to being 5 super mechs wrecking havok.

I’m really looking forward to more Gundam 00.  Too bad the season is almost over and Code Geass is starting…which I hate.


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