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Media format: 24 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 0 seconds ago When I first started watching Gundam 00, I thought it was totally retarded.  The idea of uniting the entire world through armed military intervention is laughably naive.  Though considering how Gundam 00 is very modern with its issues, it might actually be a reference to […]

I have been extremely busy the last week/month with work but I guess the paycheck should be good with the overtime.  This post is going to be about what I carry around in my pants: my old Sansa Express mp3 player, my new A737 cellphone, and my flashdrive. I like the setup for what I […]

Media format: 1-13 (+1) Episodes of subs Last viewed: 4 months ago Blah, this was supposed to be a writing exercise for me.  I barely have any time for it now.  Plus I’m freaken out about my grammar now. Plot and Storytelling: When I started watching Elfen Lied, I thought it was just going to be boobs […]