Completed View: Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion (3)


Media format: 1-25 Episodes of subs

Last viewed: 3 months ago

Man, this anime had so many positive comments…personally I found it pretty disappointing as a whole though.  Be warned though, I will be revealing spoilers in my explanation of why I was disappointed.

Plot and Storytelling:

The story is awesome at the beginning.  Lelouch is student with a very deep grudge towards the ruling royal family of the Britannia Empire.  His actions are extremely brilliantly played and allows him to win battles against overwhelming odds.  He seems like Light from Death Note in an anime with mechs, so I thought this anime was going to be awesome.  Not quite…

From my point of view, the story and progression isn’t bad.  With plenty of people with their own desires and goals, the story was overall pretty engaging.  However, the awesomeness of Lelouch steadily declined throughout the anime.  Maybe this is due to no one rising up and being an intellectual equal to Lelouch.  Either way, his actions became more and more predictable and less interesting as the storyline went on. 

However, the part of the story that killed this anime for me was when Euphemia was accidentally ‘geass’ed into killing all the Japanese people she saw and causing the epic failure of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan.  So Lelouch knew that he would someday lose control of his Geass like Mao.  Being the genius he is portrayed to be, I would expect him to keep that in mind and be careful what he says.  Lelouch could have said anything else in his example of his ‘geass’ power and the story would have ended relatively more positive than it did.  But noooo, the genius gets Euphemia to ruin the impending happy ending and fuck it all up.  Euphemia really shouldn’t have died for Lelouch’s fuck up.  It really makes no sense at all considering the general flow of the anime.  Maybe they decided to fuck it all up so they can have another season.


The characters are a bit underdeveloped in my opinion.  They all seem a little too dramatic and don’t quite fit their skin.  Character development was just enough for conflicts to arise but not enough to make the characters seem real.  Tragedy and a traumatic past is not a substitute for character development.  While having the motivations of the characters is important, the characters just don’t seem to fully mesh.  Oh and Lelouch’s character gets a bit retarded at the end and fucks up the story for everyone.

Animation and Audio:

The animation seems really bad to me at times actually.  A lot of the fights are rather boring and nothing really impressed me.  Also, I felt the bright purple mechs looked bad and seemed too perfectly well kept for war machines.  Nothing special with some rather bothersome details.

Audio was meh.  Nothing special at all for me.


Well, as seen from my other posts, I think the end of the first season to be stupid as hell.  It was basically failure in the face of success and seems a bit forced. 


Code Geass had so much potential.  It seemed like it was going to Death Note with mechs.  But without an L to counter Lelouch’s Light, the plot became progressively stale and boring.  The twist at the end was incredibly frustrating and poorly done.  I don’t know if this series can be salvaged with the second season.  I’m just so disappointed.


2 Responses to “Completed View: Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion (3)”

  1. I agree with you regarding how strong this anime started out and how it went down hill from there. And underdeveloped characters may have been because they introduced like 9000 of them. 😉

    R2 got a little TOO twisty IMO. It got so you did not know who to root for. Even the person you rooted for the previous episode may no longer be someone you can in the next.

    It was still enjoyable, however not as much as first season. Here are my takes on both seasons with lots o’ pics and perhaps a little wit:

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