Completed View: Witch Hunter Robin (4)


Witch Hunter Robin

Media format: 1-26 Episodes of subs

Last viewed: 3 years ago

In many ways, Witch Hunter Robin is similar to Scryed.  Except, I liked Witch Hunter Robin a lot more and I considered it good as opposed to idiotic and disappointing.

Plot and Storytelling:

In the world of Witch Hunter Robin, witchcraft is genetic trait and witches possessing it are tracked and occasionally hunted.  The trained hunters are actually craft-users (witches with a different title) and seeds (unawakened witches) which brings back the whole “oppressor using the oppressed” theme that I love so much.  Witch Hunter Robin has an X-files meet X-men kind of feel to it.  The plot is laced with conspiracy and paranoia on the way to the ultimate revelation.

The pace of the story is a little slow but steady.  The beginning has very little to do with the plot and seems more like random missions while getting to know the characters.  Eventually the plot progresses more and the bits and pieces of the overall storyline are shown.  Nothing is straightforward in this anime, but nothing is totally absurd either.  The extremely well use of the “oppressor using the oppressed” theme and “witch” vs “craft-user” ideas were brilliant and extremely enjoyable.


The characters aren’t really anything special.  It’s not that they are generic and boring, but rather they don’t particularly standout to me.  But they all make sense and aren’t retardedly inconsistent in their actions, so it’s all good with me.

 Animation and Audio:

Animation is pretty good.  The fights are really fluid though they aren’t DBZ style brawls or anything.  I love all the fire and other special effects though that could be due to me liking fire in general.  The animation is not lazy which is very important to me.  I can’t stand lazy animation where every other scene is almost a still frame.  Totally boring for anime if there is very little animation.

The audio is very good for the mood of the anime and enhanced the experience.  I don’t particularly remember anything I’d listen to outside of watch the anime, but I still enjoy the audio overall.


The ending is not a “wtf” ending.  It isn’t a cramp ending like some other anime that are rushed to fit into the season.  What needed to be explained is explained.  It was very solid and fitting for the anime.


Witch Hunter Robin is a good anime.  It’s not something I’d force onto others, but it’s very well done.  It’s good for anyone who enjoys paranormal mysteries and conspiracys.  I’d definately recommend it.


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