Incomplete View: Hellsing Ultimate (OVA) (Good)


Hellsing Ultimate

Media format: 3 Episodes of subs

Last viewed: 6 months ago

I wish I could write a full and detailed review of this anime, but it’s not all out yet.  Hellsing is basically another take on the story of Dracula.  Alucard, the vampire, is a servant for the Hellsing organization.  He is the one of the most ancient and powerful of his kind though the exact reason why he works for the Hellsing organization is a mystery.  Britain is facing an upsurge of vampire activity so Alucard is quite busy. 

However, one of the more dynamic characters is Seras Victoria, a former “police girl” turned draculina by Alucard.  Seras is sometimes the comic relief and sometimes a violent blooming rose coming to terms with her new self.  While most of the characters in Hellsing are static, they are all still very interesting and have a dark depth.

The plot and storytelling is good but very much not the focal point of HellsingHellsing is in essence a beautiful and graphic violence orgy with detailed and impressive visuals.  Alucard doesn’t cleanly and efficiently kill the threats.  He destroys his enemies’ swagger and confidence.  He shows the wannabe monsters what real power and fear really is.  After the mental torture, he butchers them.  It’s messy, gruesome, and inhumane but, hey, Alucard isn’t human; he is the fucking original monster of the night.

The animation and audio just exudes badassery.  It is also definitely not for the weak of heart or stomach.  I am looking forward to the next massacre that is Hellsing Ultimate IV.


One Response to “Incomplete View: Hellsing Ultimate (OVA) (Good)”

  1. 1 demosthenese

    If you want to review something good, review the manga instead. The anime is terible. The manga is epic and gives much more deapth to Alucard’s character. Along with everyone else’s for that matter.

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