Completed View: Gravitation (3)



Media format: 1-13 Episodes of dubs

Last viewed: 3 years ago

Gravitation is an “yaoi”, or was it considered “Boy Love”.  To be honest, I don’t know.  It’s not really one of my specialties.  The only reason I didn’t stop watching Gravitation when I realized it was about two guys was because I figure I watched Noir, an anime about two chicks, for the story mostly so why not watch Gravitation.  Too bad Gravitation‘s story is weak and probably was only made into an anime to whore out the manga.

Plot and Storytelling:

So there’s this weird pink haired kid named Shuichi.  He wants to make the band he and his friend, Hiro, started famous.  He meets some random blond guy, Eiri, that says his lyrics suck and Shuichi starts stalking Eiri.  And somehow Shuichi falls in love with Eiri even though Eiri keeps pushing him away.  Hilarity ensues?

For me, this plot is kind of “wtf”, but I decided to keep watching anyway.   The main pilot point is Eiri and Shuichi’s relationship, which is understandable.  However, it just seems all the other pilot points are underdeveloped and kind of half-assed at times.  Oh, Hiro is in love with Eiri’s fiance!  Okay, back to Eiri and Shuichi.  Granted the series was kind of short and didn’t really get enough time to develop the other problems and issues, but it’s still mildly annoying.  In terms of at least dealing with the main plot point, it’s pretty well done.  Actually somehow made me pay attention to their seemingly doomed relationship.


The characters are decent.  Nothing really interesting or refreshing, but they are distinct for the most part.  Usually the tone is just silly and goofy, but when the plot needs it, the characters do show their more emotional side.  While usually I’m laughing at them due to a sense of Schadenfreude, my laughter at least means their feelings seemed real enough and believable.  Ultimately, that’s what made me give a crap about the characters.

Animation and Audio:

The animation was very clean and indistinct.  As in, it seemed pretty generic.  At least, the animation at least gets darker when the mood gets darker unlike some other animes I’ve seen.  There’s a lot of chibi stuff and other various anime staples, but overall, the animation was nothing special.

The English dub was good in my opinion.  Each voice actor did add more personality to the characters though maybe not in the same way as the Japanese Seiyū (I have no idea, I didn’t watch the Japanese version).  The music sucked for this anime though.  I thought Shuichi looked retarded on stage and the song was meh at best.  I usually fast-forwarded after I heard the song the first time.


The ending was decent.  It didn’t impressive but it didn’t disappoint either.  Not all that surprising considering who Shuichi is.


Well considering Gravitation was a yaoi, it could have been a lot worse.  The plot involving the main relationship was decently developed though the other points seemed forgotten.  The characters were real enough to be effective and the animation was at least appropriate and matched the mood.  But in the end, the plot and storytelling was weak overall and the music sucked for an anime with a decent amount of it’s focus on bands.  Gravitation was just an average anime.  Nothing great but nothing bad either.


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