Incomplete View: Guyver – The Bioboosted Armor (Bad)



Media format: 1-2 Episodes of dubs

Last viewed: 2 months ago

The first and only animecon that I ever went to had a really cool Guyver cosplay advertising the anime and actually got me interested.  Too bad it only took one episode for me to hate Guyver.  I really only watched the second episode to give it the benefit of the doubt.  This anime really pissed me off because the animation is really lazy.  I realize there are anime techniques designed to decrease work (slow/stop motion running or still frames with the bubbly love background), but there’s a limit to when saving frames is too obvious and a sign of laziness.  I don’t mind most techniques if they also produce a desired dramatic effect.  I don’t like it if whole scenes look like it could be done with one drawn frame and a lot of Flash motion tweening.  Guyver is an action anime and NOT Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  ATHF can get away with being made in flash because it’s a comedy based on dialogue and situation.  But Guyver is an action anime…without the action or the animation, it’s just crap.  Even the fight scenes are lame.  They look like a total of five frames are drawn and had a lot of Photoshop effects applied to them.

Now if the story was amazing, I might have kept watching.  However, it just seemed like some generic story about the government making a secret weapon, one of which falls into the hands of some high school kid.  Some alien cover up might be included, too.

 Either way, Guyver was a boring pile of shit.


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