Incomplete View: Air Gear (Bad)


Air Gear

Media format: 1-15 Episodes of English dubs

Last viewed: 1 week ago

BLLLLAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.  The music is pretty good for this anime.  Unfortunately, the action doesn’t hold to the beat.  Most of the action sequences could be made in Flash.  As in, it looked like they drew a frame of movement and motion tweened it for 10 seconds at a time.  The animation kind of reminded me of the visuals from the Reading Rainbow TV show, which is fine for a TV show about books but not so great for anime.  Even so, they do manage to get a few epic looking scenes in the anime.  Unfortunately, a lot of the action sequences has too much implied action and not enough straight-up action.

Then, the humor actually bogs down the anime more.  As in, it’s not funny at all.  OMG panties!  Wee?  I don’t give a crap about panties shots or boob shots.  To be honest, I hate fanservice.  Mostly because most fanservice is neither funny or moves the plot forward.  Love Hina‘s fanservice usually involves some funny situation or forces the story in an odd direction.  Air Gear‘s fanservice usually is lame and is there just to appeal to hormones.  If I wanted my hormones to be appealed, I wouldn’t be watching anime.  Just saying.

The storyline is really stupid so far.  There isn’t anything deep or moving.  Just a bunch of generic shots and vague talk of emotions that doesn’t really show through.  I personally think Ikki is as bipolar as Akito.  One episode, he says he can’t talk about his “sister’s” nice ass.  But a previous episode, he tried to get a naked headlock from her…I mean…come on.  That’s hardly consistent.  And the rest of the male characters can be summed in one word, “perverts”, while the female characters are all just “violent”.

So in other words, Air Gear has low quality animation that looks like motion tweening from Flash, boring characters with little depth, boring plot with crappy storytelling, but good music.  So…I’m not watching it anymore.  I watched for 15 episodes…that’s long enough.


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