Completed View: Wolf’s Rain (3)


Wolf’s Rain

Media format: 30 Episodes of dubs

Last viewed: 1 years ago

I’m not interested in wolves at all, which makes it a tad harder for me to give a crap about an anime full of wolves.

Plot and Storytelling:

So the basic plot of Wolf’s Rain involves a bunch of wolves that can cast the illusion that they are human to other humans.  Actually, all wolves can do this because all wolves are mystical, get their power from the moon, and are all attracted to a girl that smells like lunar flower.  Oh, and the girl that smells like lunar flower can bring about the end of the world and open the way to “paradise”.  I have no idea what “paradise” is supposed to be but apparently it’s for wolves only.  There’s also some humans travelling on a similar path as the wolves; each travelling for their own purpose.  So…yeah I don’t really get the story either. 

But the storytelling itself is decent.  It’s nothing superb like Kino’s Journey or Noir, but it gets the job down and does hold your attention pretty well.


The characters are understandable, which is very important to me.  Unless the anime is a comedy, I can’t stand nonsensical characters that do not follow any sort of rhyme or reason.  Is it wrong to say that all the characters in the anime are very human?  Hmm…either way, the characters aren’t bad though nothing too special.

Animation and Audio:

The animation is very detailed and appropriate.  Everything in the world seems fitting from the broken down cities to the their shabby inhabitants.  Then fight scenes are well drawn, but unfortunately, I’m just not interested in seeing wolves fight.  All they do is claw, bite, and run, which doesn’t really hold my attention too well.

The audio quality is decent.  To be honest, I don’t remember much of the soundtrack…possibly due to me being bored by the fight scenes.  But the bits I remember were well done.


The ending of Wolf’s Rain is really weird.  It’s like Last Exile out of the blue except less positive more confusing.  I can’t say I particularly liked it.


Well, the plot is odd and the fight scenes are boring.  However, the storytelling and visuals are pretty decent.  Personally, I think I just don’t like wolves enough to enjoy this anime.  Either way, I neither recommend nor discourage others from viewing this anime.


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