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Media format: 3 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 6 months ago I wish I could write a full and detailed review of this anime, but it’s not all out yet.  Hellsing is basically another take on the story of Dracula.  Alucard, the vampire, is a servant for the Hellsing organization.  He is the one of the […]

Media format: 1-13 Episodes of dubs Last viewed: 3 years ago Gravitation is an “yaoi”, or was it considered “Boy Love”.  To be honest, I don’t know.  It’s not really one of my specialties.  The only reason I didn’t stop watching Gravitation when I realized it was about two guys was because I figure I watched Noir, […]

Media format: 1-2 Episodes of dubs Last viewed: 2 months ago The first and only animecon that I ever went to had a really cool Guyver cosplay advertising the anime and actually got me interested.  Too bad it only took one episode for me to hate Guyver.  I really only watched the second episode to give it the […]

Media format: 1-26 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 1 year ago BECK is a great anime for any teenager.  It’s even good enough for those people that have grown out of it. Plot and Storytelling: At it’s very heart, BECK is a coming of age story.  Koyuki is just a 14-year old teenage boy in school.  He’s kind […]

Media format: 1-15 Episodes of English dubs Last viewed: 1 week ago BLLLLAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.  The music is pretty good for this anime.  Unfortunately, the action doesn’t hold to the beat.  Most of the action sequences could be made in Flash.  As in, it looked like they drew a frame of movement and motion tweened it for 10 seconds […]

Media format: 30 Episodes of dubs Last viewed: 1 years ago I’m not interested in wolves at all, which makes it a tad harder for me to give a crap about an anime full of wolves. Plot and Storytelling: So the basic plot of Wolf’s Rain involves a bunch of wolves that can cast the […]

  Also known as: Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World- Media format: 13 Episodes of dubs Last viewed: 1 years ago I believe Kino’s Journey is based off of a light novel series if I remember correctly.  What I do remember correctly is that the storytelling in Kino’s Journey is amazing. Plot and Storytelling: Kino is a […]