Completed View: Noir (5)



Media format: 26 Episodes of subs

Last viewed: 2 years ago

I think when I started watching Noir, some lesbian told me it was a famous lesbian anime. I didn’t really believe her at first, but I came around at the end. Whether the two heroines are lesbians though isn’t really all that important. Noir is just a great anime.

Plot and Storytelling:

The plot of Noir has plenty of betrayal and interesting backstories that weave the characters together. The story is a little slow progressing at the beginning and it seems that Mireille and Kirika are just randomly doing hits. However, those jobs at the beginning make perfect sense to me. It is unlikely that they will be able to request the information they need without gaining some reputation in the underworld first. With every piece of information they gain, they start seeing more and more questions. From the allegiance of the enigmatic Chloe to the true nature of the pairing named “Noir”, the big picture is pieced together little by little and the bond between Mireille and Kirika is tested by revelations from the past and prophecies of the future. Noir has a solid plot with beautiful storytelling and execution that had me hooked.


Noir‘s main characters are two hitwomen of the highest caliber. Mireille has a tragic past and was taught the trader so she can survive and take care of herself. Kirika, however, has no idea why she knows how to use a gun so proficiently or kill so effortlessly. They originally pair up so they can discover the secrets of Kirika’s past with the one condition that Mireilla will kill Kirika for knowing Mireilla’s identity once they find out Kirika’s past. The interactions of Mireilla and Kirika is extremely interesting in how it evolves through the two working together and how they were thrown into confusion by Chloe and the answers she brings long with her.

Additionally, the main and secondary characters are often shoved in difficult predicaments dealing with emotions in life or death situations. If you are about to die, what is the last thing you look at and contemplate? Will these women trained as killing machines give into other emotions like sympathy, love, or mercy? Do crimes from the past change the relationships in the present? The actions of the characters tend to reveal what was at the core of their personalities, and I’m glad that at the core of most of the characters was something that I could appreciate and understand. Except the grunts…the expendable grunts were freaken retarded at times and made no sense.

Animation and Audio:

The animation really fit the tone of the anime. Intentional or otherwise, the animation style gave the story a film noir feel that went great with the plot. The fight scenes are exquisite as well. I was hooked ever since the reverse-hanging by Kirika with the crimson backdrop in episode one. At times, the sequences are almost over the top, but always exciting to watch.

I really loved the music from Noir. From the grandiose string and vocal pieces to the sad, lonely piano solos, I loved it all. One of the few anime soundtracks I have in my mp3 player, there is just something about the music that I love. Seriously, give it a listen if you get a chance. Or atleast pay some attention to the music when watching the anime.


Noir‘s ending is good. Not quite definitive, it does tie up the story. Most of the major issues are dealt with, and the relationship between Mireille and Kirika is definitely beyond the “I’ll help you till I have to kill you” stat ethat it started at. Overall, I was optimistic about the duo’s future. and I’m always a sucker for a happy ending.


So basically, I loved the plot, the storytelling, the characters, the animation, the music, and the ending. Other than the mildly retarded grunt AI, I loved every aspect of Noir. So hell yeah, I’d recommend this to everyone I know.


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