Completed View: s-CRY-ed (2)



Media format: 26 Episodes of dubs/some fansubs

Last viewed: 2 years ago

To be honest, I don’t want to write a review on Scryed. Why? Because writing a review on Scryed doesn’t interest me. It was a bad anime, but not bad enough for a hate-filled vent. But I did watch it so here we go.

Plot and Storytelling:

Scryed feels like the Japanese take on the X-men. While Scryed isn’t nearly as “what-the-fuck” freaky as Japanese Spiderman, it still is pretty crappy. The anime’s plot at the beginning showed some promise. The oppressor using the oppressed to do their dirty work through a combination of enslavement, propaganda, and special rewards like citizenship is always a wonderfully twisted setup. The extent of the disrespect by the oppressor towards the oppressed shown through the sanctioned experiments on living humans. Themes like the vast majority versus the fractured but powerful minority and the superpower versus the disorganized natives. How can an anime with such powerful and thorny issues fall so short of my expectations? The themes reflected so many historic events as well as the twisted psyche of humanity.

Alas, it was not meant to be. Instead, the story progressed extremely linearly and predictably. Rich guy with power believes the propaganda. Poor guy with power doesn’t believe. They solve all their problems through force and fight each other all the time. Oh no, rich guy finds out he was lied to. The two team up and wreck everything that gets in their way. End the anime with two beating the crap out of each other.  And that’s the plot of Scryed in 5 sentences.

Sure along the way, some important characters die and there is some betrayal. Also, some lame characters try to be portrayed as important die too. Overall, the story was kinda stale and boring.


Rich guy with a traumatic past. Poor guy with with a stubborn personality. Princess who really loves the people. Naive little girl that also really loves the people. Those are the four main characters in Scryed. There are some other characters but most of them are as one dimensional as the main characters. So in other words, the characters are also stale and boring.

Animation and Audio:

The animation as a whole is clean and not distinct. It looks like almost every other uninspired anime and has no feel or style of its own. Animation is often reused and the fight scenes get really boring. Eventually the fights become “He should be too weak to fight!”, “OMG! He is still fighting!”, and “OMGWTFBBQ! Same attack as before! Maybe with more rainbows this time!”.

The audio is decent. Nothing that I’d listen to on my mp3 player, but not ball. And before someone say I should have watched subbed, the English dubs were actually decent. Except maybe too much talk of powerful balls.


After watching Scryed, I felt like my IQ dropped. The whole anime felt like an excuse to have random fights. Not that I mind fight scene after fight scene, if the fights were any good. But mostly, the characters did mostly the same attacks over and over with slight alterations. And why were the heroes fighting each other at the end of the anime? Must be some macho thing I don’t get.


Despite having a beautiful setup to show and discuss powerful social and historical issues by proxy, Scryed opts for the angsty teenage boy route. Fight, scream, and fight some more. Too bad even the fights become as disappointing and predictable as the plot. Basically, I would never recommend this anime to anyone with a functioning brain.


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