Incomplete View: Naruto (Bad)



Media format: Mishmash of fansub and dubbed

Last viewed: Too recent

Alright, I might get some flak for this post but whatever. I hate Naruto the anime and Naruto the character, but I’m going to focus on the anime more in this post. I’ve seen the subbed before it was brought over and the dubbed on TV. I hate both versions with a passion, so it’s not a subbed versus dubbed debate (though I want to kill someone every time I hear “Believe it!!”). No, the problem that I hate the most is very much prevalent in the Japanese original version.

Fillers. I don’t just mean the filler episodes either. Even in the “non-filler” episodes, there are a lot of random filler and other delay tactcs thrown in. When someone does something awesome and unexpected, I do NOT need a short statement from every character that saw the action. Especially when they are all saying the same damn thing in a different way. In the span of four episodes, I do NOT need to see the same flashback three times. I mean shit, I actually want to like the anime. I’m following the plot I swear, so I don’t need reminders all the time about what just happened last episode. Running for three episodes is boring. Please never do that again. All that did was break up the flow of the other fight.

Now, the creators did extend some of the fights in some really awesome ways. I have no problem with that since Naruto is an anime which is suppose to be entertainment. Extending the entertaining parts is fine by me as long as it’s done well instead of say charging up an attack for three episodes. But overall, the anime is lengthened with retarded techniques that piss me off.

I get it. They don’t want to catch up to the manga. So they should do a good job with the content they have and take a break. It is far better to have a wonderful anime for a season or two and take a break for the manga than make a crappy, filler-bloated anime that never ends the boring bullshit. Building anticipation is probably far more profitable than actually alienating the fans.

Either way, I gave up on Naruto a long time ago. I’m sticking to the manga.


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