Completed View: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (5)


Intro for Gurren Lagann

Media format: 27 Episodes of fansubs

Last viewed: 1 month ago

If I had to describe Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one word or less, the word would be “epic”. Just freaken “epic”. One of the most original super robot animes I have ever seen and I don’t even like super robot animes.

Plot and Storytelling:

The plot is silly for the most part. It starts with two underground dwelling boys and their dreams of reaching the heavens. What they end up creating is a futuristic world of lights and space travel that actually reaches across the heavens. Pretty good for two boys who’s village only cared about digging holes to expand the village and raising enough pigmoles to feed everyone. Yet as ridiculous as the scope of the anime seemed, they manage to convince me to go with them on the ride. In the beginning, the grandiose speechs of Kamina made me chuckle at how ridiculously high his dreams seemed and how impossible it would be for him to reach it. But eventually, I started to believe in his craziness. From his ridiculous “Who the hell do you think I am?!” proclamations to Simon “the Digger”‘s constant series of drill based attacks, I wanted to watch these two underdogs prevail. Yeah everything was stacked against them, but hey, they are Gurren Brigade. Their spirits can pierce the heavens like a drill (and a clever reference to the twisting DNA and evolution of mankind). I mean, who the hell do you think they are?

Kamina in all his glory

For a super robot anime that is pretty silly at times, it has many moments that pull on your heartstrings. Yes, the heroes can conquer all their obstacles…but not without sacrifices and losses. No one magically comes back to life in the anime. Dead people stay dead in this anime giving a grit and seriousness that I enjoy. Makes it feel like that they are being silly because the real world is so messed up for them and having a few good laughs is a good way to cope.


The characters in the anime seem really well done. They all have their unique personalities and quirks. While there isn’t a lot of backstory on most of the characters, I didn’t really need it for this anime. The anime always seem to be about the now and what the Gurren Brigade need to do next to reach their goal. Even secondary characters like Attenborough, the trigger-happy man at the controls, and nonverbal characters like Boota, the small pigmole mascot of Gurren Brigade, are extremely fun to watch and have real distinct personalities.

And for the guys, there is some fanservice in this anime (HINT HINT redhead chick in the bikini all the time)…in fact I think there’s an uncensored version of episode 6 or something. But I didn’t find the fanservice distracting from the plot and storytelling so I didn’t mind it personally.

Animation and Audio:

I love the animation for Gurren Lagann. As a super robot anime at heart, there are some animation recycling. But I never feel it’s because the animation team is lazy or rushing the work. Some of the animation they did for the fighting scenes were amazing. I especially loved the super epic sequence where the Gurren Brigade’s battleship roundhouse kicks the enemy battleship. Why? Because they wanted to help out the battle. Just super epic to watch. There are just so many wonderful moments of brilliant storytelling and beautiful animation like that.

The audio…is pretty fob (fresh off the boat). But it’s still freaken amazing. It really gets to pumped. Seriously, you need to give it a listen.


I admit it. I’m one of those people that get sad when they finish a book, anime, or manga series. So really no surprise here that I wasn’t exactly jump for joy when this epic ride was over. The ending of an anime usually affects my feeling for a series overall the most since it is my last memory of the story. So I’m a total sucker for a happily ever after ending.

Gurren Lagann‘s ending for me was satisfying. I didn’t like the ending for a few of the characters from the anime because I felt they didn’t quite get a happily ever after ending. But life isn’t fair and the anime really doesn’t try to hide any of the unhappiness of their world, so it’s was appropriate and satisfying.


Well since ADV has picked up the rights to this anime, I hope they don’t mess up the experience for everyone. This anime is just extremely fun to watch alone or with friends. This anime really blew me away and I would recommend…no…I would force feed this anime to anyone who showed interest in anime.


2 Responses to “Completed View: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (5)”

  1. 1 Ando

    crazy chinese anime fan, you got way to much free time buddy 😀 😀 😀

  2. 2 CrazyForColors

    mhm, i had the same experience watching this, MOST epic is definetly the theme here!

    It’s the best robot anime ever, it proves that you don’t need 300+ to make a good one, all the epic-ness was in 27 fking episodes, too!

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