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Media format: 26 Episodes of subs Last viewed: 2 years ago I think when I started watching Noir, some lesbian told me it was a famous lesbian anime. I didn’t really believe her at first, but I came around at the end. Whether the two heroines are lesbians though isn’t really all that important. Noir […]

Media format: 26 Episodes of dubs/some fansubs Last viewed: 2 years ago To be honest, I don’t want to write a review on Scryed. Why? Because writing a review on Scryed doesn’t interest me. It was a bad anime, but not bad enough for a hate-filled vent. But I did watch it so here we […]

Media format: Mishmash of fansub and dubbed Last viewed: Too recent Alright, I might get some flak for this post but whatever. I hate Naruto the anime and Naruto the character, but I’m going to focus on the anime more in this post. I’ve seen the subbed before it was brought over and the dubbed […]

Media format: 69 Episodes of fansubs Last viewed: 2 month ago Well, this anime is about bread. That’s right…bread. It’s mostly making and eating bread. With a seemingly ridiculous subject, this anime would have totally sucked if it was super serious. Luckily, Yakitate!! Japan is all tongue-in-cheek and a pure comedy. Plot and Storytelling: This […]

Media format: 27 Episodes of fansubs Last viewed: 1 month ago If I had to describe Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one word or less, the word would be “epic”. Just freaken “epic”. One of the most original super robot animes I have ever seen and I don’t even like super robot animes. Plot and […]

I’m just another guy that watchs too much anime.  Fairly common in the college circles really.  While I’d say I love anime and manga, I do not co-splay (though it is tempting at times) and I do not consider myself a weeaboo.  I admire the Japan’s willingness to adopt aspects of other cultures and societies […]